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Markdown Quizzes

JavaScript Markdown Quizzes is a drop in JavaScript fie that you can use to create online quizzes and worksheets, backed by a question bank of markdown files.


We’re using Canvas at my school, and while it’s great for a number of things it’s not quick and easy to build up question banks. Especially those where the fonts need a lot of formatting. Entering code samples is at best tedious.

For assessments, it’s good enough because I’m not loading a bunch of questions. But for worksheets and practice it was keeping me from making large banks where students could go for practice. And, since I don’t generally take grades on worksheets I didn’t need to worry about having something that Canvas could grade. I just wanted somewhere that my students could go and practice and tell immediately if they’re correct.

And, I needed an excuse to do a project in vanilla JavaScript. It’s been a while since I’ve built something in JS that didn’t depend on jQuery.

Why Markdown?

I type a lot in markdown, and it’s my preference. Probably not everybody’s thing, but it works really well for me. If you’re a markdown person, it may work well for you too.